The services provided by CBSA are designed to support members through business networking events, advocacy on behalf of the industry to elected officials, bottom line savings through purchasing programs, and knowledge-sharing programs.

A key benefit offered by CBSA membership is in knowing that you are an integral part of an active industry community that is united in the goal of ensuring Colorado’s position as a leader in bioscience research, development and manufacturing. The strength of this community is reflected in the valuable connections drawn between members, and the opportunities provided to help individuals grow their businesses and Colorado’s innovation economy.

We invite you to learn more about membership in CBSA. This organization exists to serve you and our community.

If you have any specific questions about membership and would like to learn more, please contact Tracey Nilson, Director of Partnerships, at

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All benefits are available to members, but the details below outline particular value to these groups.

Start-Ups and Small Companies

  • We offer programs and networking events throughout the year, ensuring opportunities to develop business relationships with potential partners and investors.
  • BioBootcamp, a complimentary, annual two-day event, offers education and resources to start-ups engaged in research and development.
  • CBSA helps connect start-ups with business opportunities, partners and solution providers to save you time and money. Our staff can help you by working with our expansive network to identify key contacts.
  • The Business Savings Program can directly impact your bottom line by providing substantial savings on lab supplies, liability insurance and more.

Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural-Bio Companies

  • CBSA has close ties to university technology transfer offices across the state, providing an organized point of contact and discussion forum for Colorado’s research institutions to coordinate with the bioscience industry.
  • CBSA has a partnership with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), advocating for shared policy objectives to ensure that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are represented in Washington, DC.
  • The Business Savings Program can directly impact your bottom line by providing discounts on lab equipment, business intelligence reports, employee benefits and more.

Service Providers

  • CBSA holds 30+ programs and events throughout the year, with heavy life science company attendance, to ensure opportunities to develop relationships with potential clients and partners.
  • Sponsorship opportunities offer publicity and promotion of your services and the flexibility to target your advertising or events investment toward industry professionals and decision-makers most suited to your business.
  • CBSA serves as a direct referral resource to companies within your target market.

Medical Device and Diagnostic Companies

  • CBSA partners closely with the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) and the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) to ensure that Colorado’s medical device industry’s voice is heard on a federal level.
  • CBSA advocates on behalf of Colorado medical device companies at trade shows and events, including the AdvaMed annual conference.
  • CBSA holds programs and events specifically designed for medical device companies, including an annual symposium to help companies navigate development, regulatory and commercialization challenges.
  • The Business Savings Program can directly impact your bottom line by providing discounts on lab equipment, business intelligence reports, employee benefits and more.

Large Companies

  • CBSA builds and maintains strong relationships with legislative leaders on the state and federal level. By emphasizing the health and economic benefits of a strong bioscience industry, our champions in government have achieved many legislative victories including single sales factor apportionment and expansion of the state’s Sales and Use Tax Refund for purchasing equipment.
  • CBSA maintains open lines of communication with the Colorado Congressional Delegation through regular meetings, roundtable discussions and participation in BIO and AdvaMed annual fly-ins.
  • The CBSA’s Colorado Life Science Innovation Forum & Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering conferences offer effective opportunities for business development, visibility and messaging.
  • All member-company employees are invited to take advantage of all benefits, including discounted event registration and committee participation.
The CBSA is a fantastic resource for networking with the biotechnology and medical device community. The frequent events are both a valuable source of information and the best way to connect with key players in the industry here in Colorado."

Jim Wilson, Partner
EY, Denver, CO